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Cobbler Profile - Dave O'Hare

Full Name: David Luke O’Hare

Age: 26

Where do you live? Somerton

Nickname? CHIN!!!

Team you support? Wolves

Favourite player and why? Steven Gerrard because of his all-round ability

Favourite Drink? Thatchers Haze

Favourite Food? Sirloin steak with chunky chips and stilton sauce

Favourite Band? Spandau Ballet

Favourite Film? The Green Mile

Which famous player are you most like? Obviously Paul Gascoigne – flawed genius!

Who is your biggest fan/supporter? My mum, knows more about football then most blokes and never misses a home game

If stranded on a desert island which 3 celebrities would you want to be left with? Paul Gascoigne, George Best, Tony Adams

About the Cobblers…..

Your favourite moment playing for Street? Scoring a perfect hat-trick at Bitton in a 4-0 win earlier this season.

Your funniest moment playing for Street? Can’t mention myself in this so has to be Lucas Ward being snipered at Chipping Sodbury last year when his hammy went, and still got booked in the process!

Worse dress sense? 100% Josh Bennett looks like a bag of fruit pastilles with his colour co-ordination

Unsung hero? Ben Amghar, captain and never below a 9/10…just ask Merv Colenutt.

Best sense of humour? Pains me to say because he is like a broken record but Steve Murray, just makes me chuckle

Worst banter? Steve Murray, not all his jokes come off!

Best looking? Ross McErlain, very attractive man, plus why do you think as a centre half he never heads or tackles!?

You are trapped in a lift for 3 hours who is the one person you would hate to have with you? Josh Wadham he’ll end up fighting me after 10 minutes!

Describe the club in 3 words............Pass it Muzz!

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Street Football Club

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Middle Brooks

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