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Cobbler Profile - Tom Punchard

Full Name: Tom Punchard

Age: 35

Where do you live? Street

Nickname? Punchy

Team you support? Liverpool

Favourite player and why? Peter Schemeichel, he was a boss.

Favourite Drink? Rum & coke

Favourite Food? Chinese

Favourite Band? Coldplay

Favourite Film? Kill Bill

Which famous player are you most like? Peter Shilton – Old.

Who is your biggest fan/supporter? My 6 year old son Freddie. he knows more about the cobblers than I do and supports at every home game.

If stranded on a desert island which 3 celebrities would you want to be left with? Freddie Flintoff, Jimmy Bullard and Karl Pilkington.

About the Cobblers…..

Your favourite moment playing for Street? Scoring from a goal kick against Shepton Mallet in 2005!!

Your funniest moment playing for Street? An opposition goalkeeper this season, playing ‘hide n seek’ in a bush behind his goal trying to waste time.

Worse dress sense? Josh Bennett, all his clothes are skin tight as he is worried if its baggy he might get blown away in a storm!

Unsung hero? Roy Sandford, works tirelessly for the club.

Best sense of humour? Josh Bennett, laugh a minute when he is around.

Worst banter? Scouse(Steve Murray), but he still makes me chuckle.

Best looking? A top supporter of the Cobbs, Kelly Punchard.

You are trapped in a lift for 3 hours who is the one person you would hate to have with you? Wadz(Josh Wadham), a top bloke but also an absolute Cannon!!

Describe the club in 3 words…. UP THE COBBS!

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