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Cobbler Profile - Matthew Hurley

Full Name: Matthew John Hurley

Age: 23

Where do you live? Cardiff

Nickname? Hurls

Team you support? Spurs

Favourite player and why? Iniesta – delight to watch

Favourite Drink? Guinness

Favourite Food? Pot Noodle

Favourite Band? Westlife

Favourite Film? Deja Vu

Which famous player are you most like? Gareth Barry – similar mobility

Who is your biggest fan/supporter? My dad – think he has only missed one or two games in the last two seasons

If stranded on a desert island which 3 celebrities would you want to be left with? Bear Grylls, Pep Guardiola, Rita Ora

About the Cobblers…..

Your favourite moment playing for Street? 3-2 away win at Melksham last season.

Your funniest moment playing for Street? Feyer(Rich Fey) slipping over kicking a ball on the pitch in anger vs Bradford in Les Phillips cup this year.

Worse dress sense? Robbo (Ben Robertson) – rumour has it his Mother still buys his clothes.

Unsung hero? So many at the club but would have to be Roy Sandford. At his age still insists on cleaning the dressing room even when we are away!

Best sense of humour? Josh Bennett – laugh every time he says anything

Worst banter? Steve Murray – Has to seek approval every time he tells a joke

Best looking? Ross McErlain

You are trapped in a lift for 3 hours who is the one person you would hate to have with you? Nath Rudge – probably make me do laps of the lift for 3 hours

Describe the club in 3 words…. In the trench

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