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Club Statement

Street Football Club have made the decision to resign from the Southern League.

Chairman James Court “The committee believe that by taking a step back we are securing the future of the club. Whilst there has been some inevitable reaction and I fully appreciate some people feel let down and disappointed we feel this extremely tough decision is in the club's best long term interests.

There was no concern with budgets or the ground grading but the search for new volunteers to step up to vital roles hasn’t materialised and as a result we were not in a position to cope with the demands of Southern League football. The management team leaving was a direct result of this which is understandable. Under difficult circumstances, I thank Rich, Nath and the players for their commitment to see the job through until the end of the season.

However the club now has an opportunity to pull together, continue to try and fill these vital roles and rebuild for the future. The supporters should still feel encouraged as we have excellent facilities and an exciting crop of young players which will hopefully benefit the club for years to come”

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