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We wanted to give all of our valued members, customers and fans a brief update of what’s been happening at the Tannery over the past week with regards to our Social Club.

Our Committee have met and gone over plans for the reopening of what is currently the Social Club. We are working towards making some much needed updates and improvements within the bar. Moving forward we will be operating as a Public House rather than a Social Club ,where the existing model had for some time been a financial burden and could not continue to sustain. We have taken advice and are working with Mendip District Council with regards to this change of licence ,which is compulsory.

Our vision for the Club is to create a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment, where faces old and new will be able to come and enjoy the football, a drink, some good food and many other exciting events that we plan to hold. We have such a wonderful venue with fantastic amenities, Street FC will be ideal for hosting private events as well as Football events, and the diary will be open for bookings in due course.

Over the last 6 months we have had new Co-Chairs, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary & Commercial Manager, so as you can appreciate we are still not familiar with all of the existing Social Club members, especially as Covid had put a halt on opening, but we are very much looking forward to getting to know everybody. We recognise that Street has always been a well-supported club and we appreciate all those that have made much valued contributions over the years.


Opening times;

Currently we are only opening on Match Days. In the longer term, and depending on developments, our aim is to operate under wider opening hours subject to the availability of sufficient volunteer assistance. We are planning on being able to open fully over the period of the Euros in June and will notify of future changes as and when arrangements have been put in place.


We have made the decision to temporarily operate as a bottle bar, this is to primarily cut down on wastage and to cope with the irregular opening times in the short term.

Exciting times as we are already underway renovating the old Players Lounge into the new Sports Bar. This area will house the Pool Table and will see the introduction of Darts Boards & new seating.

Cobblers Cafe;

As some of you already know, we opened the Cafe over the latter part of last year. The Volunteers worked very hard to get the kitchen up & running & even though it could only be open for a few short months , it has proved to be very popular and the feedback has been amazing, especially from the visiting teams who loved the choice.

A lovely new oven will be going in over the next couple of weeks.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Cafe, please give it a try when you can next visit, you won’t be disappointed!


As long as there are no future Covid restrictions that could impact the running of skittles, our home alley will be available to teams as normal ,come the autumn/winter season.

We hope everyone appreciates that in these unprecedented times running any hospitality venue is and has been a big challenge. We believe that we have managed to steer our way through this incredibly hard challenge, with the changes we are putting in place as outlined above ,

we feel that the future is very bright for our Club ,making it an even better and more enjoyable place to be.

If anybody would like any more information please contact me or a club official, and if anybody would like to offer to help we would gratefully receive it, whether it’s volunteering on Match Days, in the Hospitality section, cleaning, decorating or fundraising we will be glad to hear from you.

Thank you for your support

Street FC Committee

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