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The Officials, Coaches and Players of Street FC welcome you to The Tannery this Saturday and hope that you enjoy the football and the facilities. In accordance with current Government& Football Association rules/guidelines re Covid-19 we respectfully ask that you take note of and comply with the following:-

· Please maintain appropriate social distancing at all times

· Table service only indoors; please be seated to order your drinks

· Please do not sit at the tables indoors other than for the purpose of consuming drink/food

· Toolstation Western League invited guests only admitted via the main clubhouse entry for access to the pre-match

buffet and half-time refreshment

· No drinking from glasses or bottles at pitchside

· Please respect the directions/requests of our stewards

We aim to provide the safest environment possible for all spectators in these difficult circumstances and depend upon your co-operation to make the matchday experience a rewarding one for all. Please note that in the event of refusal to comply with the above we reserve the right to request your removal from the ground.

We are all Volunteers so please help us make this a Great Day

Antony Randle/Katie Andrews

Co-Chairmen Street FC



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