The Toolstation Western League has  decided that clubs will offer free admission to all NHS employees on proof of identity throughout season 2020-21 once this gets underway. Street FC is delighted to support this initiative in recognition of their dedication and service at this difficult time.


Let me start by saying I write these words against a background of hundreds of daily deaths, many concerned about their liveliehoods and businesses struggling to stay afloat. In other words there are many things far more important than football at this challenging time and my colleagues and I are most sensitive to the difficulties so many face right now.


However, we thought it important to let players, supporters, sponsors and all those interested just what is currently happening at Street FC. I’m pleased to report that a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to protect our business and to ensure a degree of financial stability during this enforced period of inactivity. Suppliers and others have been most supportive as have both the senior leagues in which our adult teams play. At this moment in time I can report that we have successfully ‘mothballed’ the club and whilst essential outdoor maintenance and grass cutting can continue, there will be no football or social club activity for the foreseeable future. I believe we are as well placed as any to start once restrictions are lifted and we consider it safe to do so.


So when might this be possible?


I read and hear the same reports from government and the media as everyone else and at the moment it would seem no early end is in sight. Whilst there are supposedly moves to restart the game at elite level it should be remembered that medical and other facilities available to them are simply not available at our level of the game so it would be wrong to assume that any resumption of the Premier League would shortly be followed by restarting at our level. My personal view is that for non-league football to resume, the ‘social distancing’ that we have become used to will have to be lifted in its entirety to enable football to be played safely – furthermore, without the support of bars and club houses together with paying spectators, the game will not be financially viable. To put this in context, match officials alone can cost up to £200 at a first team game and this has to be earned somehow. I hope I’m proved wrong but to me an ‘all or nothing approach’ seems the only way out of this for clubs at our level.


Like most clubs we rely upon the generosity and support of our sponsors and advertisers, many of whom are local small businesses. We recognise and sympathise with the difficulties that many must be facing, not just in our area but all around the country. It would be unrealistic therefore at this moment of uncertainty to assume that once we start playing again, things will immediately go back to how they were before. Media reports suggest that many professional clubs are in difficulty, some may not survive and this will undoubtedly affect transfer and player budgets. I think a new financial order will apply at all levels of the game (some would say ‘not before time’) and it would be naïve to think this will not affect our club in some way and expectations will have to be reset and managed accordingly.


Let me try and be more positive to end with – the club has again entered next season’s FA competitions and whilst no starting dates have been announced, we look forward to the early rounds, hopefully in daylight. I understand that County Cup competitions are being planned as usual. Our leagues are busy behind the scenes and I know from my own involvement with the Western League, plans are being made to hold an on-line AGM. We also know that following the suspension of the season that should have finished only yesterday, the composition of the League will remain unchanged once we get underway again. The intention is to ‘front load’ the fixture programme to insure against bad weather in the winter. This coupled with the possibility of a later than usual start will mean that there should be plenty of midweek action to come once we start again and we hope people will turn out in greater numbers than before as a warm welcome awaits all who visit the Tannery. We’re impatient to continue the excellent progress made by all three teams during the season so suddenly cut short!


Needless to say, the online cesspit will be awash with rumours concerning restart dates, clubs, managers, players and all manner of fake news. We will provide regular and reliable updates through this and other official club channels and of course feel free to contact club officials with any constructive ideas or questions.


Stay safe and in the words of Her Majesty, ‘we’ll meet again’!



Street vs Bridport
Street vs Hallen
Street vs Hallen
Street vs Hallen
Street vs Hallen
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Street vs Mansfield
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton
25-07-17 vs Tiverton

A massive thank you to the following for sponsoring our new ‘Man Of The Match’ board...

⚽️ Encore Electrical
⚽️ Ashley Hill Carpentry
⚽️ Just-Pick-Cribbs
⚽️ Rob Durston Building Contractors
⚽️ Crispin School
⚽️ Woodland Horticulture Limited
⚽️ N J Warren Bricklaying Contractor
⚽️ Carling

The club appreciates your ongoing support.


February 15, 2020

February 10, 2020

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   New Clubhouse Opening                         Hours. 

From Friday 20th March the clubhouse will be opening from 4pm every Friday evening. So you can come in relax and unwind after ahard week at work!!

We hope to see you all soon.

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