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Cobbler Profile - Aidan Chainey

Full Name: Aidan Douglas Chainey

Age: 23

Where do you live? Yeovil

Nickname? Aido

Team you support? Liverpool

Favourite player and why? Lionel Messi, greatest player of all time

Favourite Drink? Thatchers Haze

Favourite Food? Indian

Favourite Band? Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Favourite Film? Wedding Crashers

Which famous player are you most like? Used to think I was a bit of an Iniesta but more like a Lee Cattermole these days!

Who is your biggest fan/supporter? Peter Applegate. He’s always trying to secure me a man of the match bottle!

If stranded on a desert island which 3 celebrities would you want to be left with? Lionel Messi, Rhianna, Ricky Gervais

About the Cobblers…..

Your favourite moment playing for Street? Ben Amghar’s last minute winner against Hengrove. Scenes!

Your funniest moment playing for Street? Lucas Ward breaking his nose at Bradford a couple of years ago

Worse dress sense? Steve Murray won’t wear anything unless it’s blue or All Saints!

Unsung hero? Roy Sandford, the man is Mr Street F.C

Best sense of humour? Josh Bennett is a funny guy!

Worst banter? Steve Murray always has a joke lined up. Most of them so bad they are good!

Best looking? Ross McErlain

You are trapped in a lift for 3 hours who is the one person you would hate to have with you? Wadzy (Josh Wadham), would be more entertainment than anything!

Describe the club in 3 words…. UP THE COBBS!!

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